Observations of human behavior and the complexity of the human being are the focus of my work.

I portray people and their living space.

In abstract landscapes or cityscapes, fragmented reflections of the various characters arise.

More and more often I am transforming representational images to non-representational images.

It is my way of exploring parts of our complex world and giving them expression.


The variety of ways of life reflects the different human perceptions and perspectives.

A source of infinite perspectives, I take up these in my pictures.

In my pictures I combine elements from contemporary magazines with elements from discarded books. For me, these are like color boxes from which I compile my color spectrum.


I am using different techniques for the recontextualization.

Copying entire pictures or fragments, rearranging and assembling elements, painting over with acrylic paint or pasting over with foils.


My vision is to detach the images from the paper and develop them into installations or to enliven them through digital processing.

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